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KALQ 93.5 FM

A bit about KALQ 93.5 FM - Alamosa Quality Country... We play mainstream country, the biggest country hits from the 1990s & 2000s, plus today’s hottest songs. You’ll hear the Broncos Football games here, too. In addition, News & NBC Sports is offered at the top of every hour. KALQ is located in the San Luis valley in Alamosa, Colorado - real country and known for farms growing some of the best potatoes you can get. You’ll also hear Evan Slack on weather, agricultural news, grain and livestock markets. His on-the-scene coverage has made Evan a familiar face and a trusted radio personality with a huge following. Evan Slack carries on the great tradition of good old fashioned farm broadcasting, delivered using all the latest technology.

Genre: news , country , sports , weather , entertainment

Address: 292 Santa Fe Avenue, Alamosa, Colorado 81101
Phone: 719.589.6644
PO Box 179 Alamosa, Colorado 81101

Country: United States of America Language: English

Radio Announcement
Listened: 290 Today: 3 This week: 3 This month: 3