Los Anarchy Radio

Los Anarchy is a new Punk, Thrash, Extreme, Psycobilly, Rockabilly, Alternative, Goth, Industrial and Metal station on the Yo Radio platform. Each hour on Los Anarchy we start things off with a mixture of Punk and Psycobilly, then midway through the hour you got a nice dose of metal, ending the hour with Classic Rock (72’-83’) Classic Metal (77’- 90’)(Or Any band that is no longer active) Three times a day (morning, noon, and night) for 30 mins we give you the best of Death and Extreme Metal. We also do that with the best of Goth. We try and give you a taste of it all.

Genre: Rock music , metal , alternative , punk , gothic

Email: losanarchyradio1@gmail.com

Country: United States of America Language: English

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