Rakosa FM

The Radio Rakosa Jogja, Yogya is the most popular radio network located at the place of Surakarta, Indonesia. Rakosa FM music provides an appropriate and common for females in city and around places. With regional and nationwide attitude, that represents the so many various cultural groups in the town earning, we focus on females as the focus on audience. In regards to inhabitants and the propensity of individuals to pay attention to the stereo system passed on, audience females are the focus on audience to be believed with.

Genre: Pop music , news

Alamat: Jln Pandega Sakti No. 8 ( Kali Urang KM 6 ) Sleman Yogyakarta
Telepon: 0274.888801
Email: info@rakosa-fm.co.id
WhatsApp: 0817275800
Fax. 0274.888444
Sms 0817275800

Country: Indonesia Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Radio Announcement
Listened: 173 Today: 38 This week: 53 This month: 54