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WWRN Radio 1620 AM

World Wide Radio Network is co owned by Damion Hall From The Legendary New Jack Swing Group Guy. We play all the classic hits from back in the day when the golden era of hip hop and r&b was the pulse of the urban streets. With Shows Like The E.Jones Show Feat Sharonda & Cody And Sheryl Underwood Plus The J Anothony Brown Show Also Timeless Trax With The Voice Of TV One's Hit Show Unsung and many more great show. WWRN Radio Has been continuing to keep the legacy alive for more then 9 plus years and is moving in the direction of FM Radio which will be launching in 2019. The station started as the gold standard of digital broadcasting and is now focusing on terrestrial radio and becoming a solid voice for the lehigh valley , The Poconos And Wilkes Barre Pa area.

Genre: r'n'b , hip-hop , reggae

Address: 65 East Elizabeth Ave, Suite B 4
Email: wrnradio@gmail.com

Country: United States of America Language: English

Radio Announcement
Listened: 289 Today: 2 This week: 3 This month: 3